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Your chance to engage live with leading space expert, Sinéad O'Sullivan, as well as a cohort of driven investors and founders

6 x 2 hr sessions (+ recordings of each live session)

Early Bird Price: $900 per seat (expense through L&D)

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Watch the


Learn from a proven

industry expert

Spaceflight project management at

Senior Researcher at

With speakers & cohort members from

leading companies

Guest speakers and cohort members from companies including:

Designed to for those looking to go from 0 to 100 in the

Space Economy

Aspiring Founders

Entrepreneurs focused on starting or scaling space businesses face unique challenges

What founders will learn:


Understanding the Space economy and value creation mechanisms in each sector


Fundraising and competing in high-cost, long-development schedule environments


Generating and scaling revenue with public and private sector customers


Investors, from angel through to institutional, need to understand what differentiates space sector investment.

What investors will learn:


Space thematics and space fund strategies


How to evaluate potential space venture and public market investments


Success metrics and signaling mechanisms at seed through IPO stages

Career Seekers

Those in engineering, marketing or operational roles who want a career in space-related startup or enterprise.

What career seekers will learn:


Overview of the entire industry and prominent actors


Dynamics and future growth prospects of specific sectors


Where your skillset will create the most impact in the space industry

Join other investors and founders in a

Next Generation Learning Experience

Meet your


Sinead is a global expert in space economics and early-stage space businesses. She works with governmental space agencies, CEOs and investors to understand space market dynamics, identify sector opportunities, create strategies for growth and execute in challenging environments within the aerospace & defense sector

Beginning her career as an aerospace engineer, she project-managed human spaceflight missions at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, designed a satellite constellation with the Brazilian Space Agency and worked on astronaut training for long-duration missions at the European Space Agency.

Now working in the business and economics of space, she works with emerging national space agencies to develop local space economies within the private, startup sectors. She sits on the Board and Advisory Board of over $1 billion of early-stage space investment funds. She advises and invests in several startups from the earliest pre-seed stage right through to IPO. She is in space-specific leadership positions within prestigious organizations such as Sainsbury Management Fellows, Royal Aeronautical Society, the International Astronautical Federation, the US Center for Climate and Security and the Harvard Rock Center for Entrepreneurship.

Guests include

Global experts


C-Suite Executives


What you get out of

This Course

About Sinead’s

Live Cohort

This course will explore in detail the fast-growing Space economy- the good, the bad and the ugly. In doing so as a cohort, we will explore things such as how the business model for space launch differs to that of robotic exploration, and consider how to bridge the gap between scalable venture models designed for digital platform startups versus the physical deep technology infrastructure needed for space.

After the course, you will be able to answer questions such as:

Why is SpaceX able to develop faster and cheaper than NASA, and can this be replicated again?

Why do VCs invest in some space companies and not others?

How do you scale a business that traditionally only has one customer, globally?

How do you value a business today that won’t generate revenue for another fifteen or more years?

Join famous space historians, lawyers, investors, CEOs, economists and astronauts to understand what is driving the industry, in which direction, and what opportunities exist for future industry (and interplanetary) exploration!

Session 1 - Private Sector Space

This session will look at the supply-side of the space economy: the private sector. We will look at how private sector business models have evolved with NASA over time and why starting a business ten years ago would be very different to starting a business today. We will look at the difference between space and non-space business models as an indicator of where the industry is heading.

Session 2 - Space Financing

This session covers financing basics, from pre-seed through to IPO and SPACs. We will look at who is active in each of these areas, why some parts of the space economy are invested in more than others, and how the investment strategies of top investors are performing relative to non-space investments. We will look at why “space” is a challenging investment thesis, and how new innovations in funding mechanisms can transform the industry.

Session 3 - Deep Dive: Launch and Satellites

The first of our sector deep dives will cover the launch and satellite markets in detail. From unit economics in launch costs through to creating secondary markets to sell space in space, this session will explain the entire value chain behind using Google Maps or watching Netflix, and will uncover why SpaceX and Amazon are in a dogfight over Low Earth Orbit.

Session 4 - Deep Dive: Tourism and Exploration

The second of our sector deep dives will cover the space tourism and space exploration markets. Should VCs care about sending robots to Jupiter, and why is there a billionaire fight for the moon? Will the term “astronaut” be commoditized, and will space tourism lead to more efficient Earth tourism industries? This session will explore the point at which Earth infrastructure and Mars infrastructure merge, and the economics behind it.

Session 5 - Space Law & Geopolitics

This session will explore the fundamental cornerstone of any functioning and efficient economy: legal rights. Firstly, we will look at how the modern economy in space is transforming our modern geopolitics on Earth. Secondly, we will look at the changing interpretations of Space Law and what this means for governments, investors and founders. Are you allowed to claim ownership of an asteroid? Can you legally sell land on Mars? In answering these questions, we will look at how the legal framework incentivizes certain types of economic growth.

Session 6 - Case Study: Hadrian and On-Earth Manufacturing

This session will be based on the Harvard Business School case-method style of teaching. The cohort will be presented with a case study on Hadrian and the decision to pursue on-earth manufacturing. The cohort will apply the foundational business and economics concepts to date to respond to the case study question: would you invest, and at what valuation? Hadrian CEO will reflect upon the decision to target this sector.

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