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Designed to help founders gain confidence and tactical skills to negotiate

Better Deal Outcomes & Avoid Traps

Early stage startup founders

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Aspiring founders

who are thinking of embarking on the entrepreneurial journey

Practice negotiating all the scenarios you will encounter in your journey as an entrepreneur: cofounder-cofounder, founder-employee, founder-VC investor, buyer-seller, etc.
Gain tactical experience and navigate common pitfalls BEFORE you negotiate with your first institutional investors
Learn to counter the power asymmetry when negotiating with seasoned investors when facing the pressure of an expiring runway

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Lisa Shu has transformed hundreds of reluctant negotiators into confident deal architects. Coming a decade of experience delivering 1000+ hours of negotiations training to entrepreneurs and investors with operating experience as Founder of the Newton Venture Program: Lisa is passionate about helping founders create and capture value for the teams they build. The odds are often stacked against founders at the beginning of their journeys—Lisa will stack the odds in founders' favor.

Lisa combines practical insight with academic rigour. As a Special Advisor to LocalGlobe VC, Lisa engaged in hundreds of hours of dealflow meetings and witnessed how countless deals have been won–and lost. With deep expertise grounded in her Psychology PhD from the Harvard Business School, Lisa has transformed hundreds of students from reluctant negotiators to confident deal architects. Her former students did not read, stream, or podcast their way to becoming better negotiators. Great negotiators are not born—they are created. Negotiation is a muscle you build through practice.

A trusted board advisor to various startups, Lisa has personally negotiated long term multi-million deals with a wide range of counterparts including managing directors of investment banks, managing partners of investment firms, deans of universities, and of course, founders of startups.

Lisa Shu

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Live Cohort

This  course is for founders, by founders: in each live session, you will role-play a negotiation scenario and negotiate a deal outcome with others, building companies at similar stages.  Learners will gain 10+ hours of actual negotiation experience, and will have simulated the most common scenarios they will encounter as an entrepreneur. Through actually engaging in each negotiation and then debriefing the experience in a group setting, founders will learn the tactics that enhance the chance of success—and the behaviors that might undermine success.

You will learn the most common mistakes to avoid when negotiating with investors who have much more experience, knowledge, and power than you do. Finally, learners gain a community of founders like them facing similar challenges. This community alone will be invaluable to founders as they grow.

Week  1 - Closing Key Hires and Company Acquisition

Sessions 1 & 2 - May 9 & 12
8am PST / 4pm GMT

Through role-playing these key negotiation scenarios with different counterparts, you will learn:

How to strategically plan by setting targets, BATNA, limits, anchors

How first offers are key to achieving your target

How to structure your concessions to maximize satisfaction and success

How to use multiple offers to set more ambitious targets while facilitating the relationship

Week  2 - Cofounder and Strategic Partners Negotiations

Sessions 3 & 4 - May 16 & 19
8am PST / 4pm GMT

Through role-playing these critical scenarios that span multiple issues and multiple rounds, you will learn:

How to navigate the tension between “getting a bigger slice” and “growing the largest pie”

Tactics to identify trade-off issues that capture the maximum benefit for you while satisfying your counterpart’s interests as well

How to build your own customized scoring system to serve as a roadmap for all future negotiations

Week  3 - Negotiating the term sheet

Sessions 5 & 6 - May 23 & 26
8am PST / 4pm GMT

Through role-playing the highest-stakes conversation in each fundraising round, you will learn:

How to navigate key term term elements & potential conflict areas including preference, anti-dilution, and liquidation

How to avoid a tradeoff between the deal outcome you achieve and the long-term relationship with your counterpart

Low power tactics to gain leverage in any negotiation with power asymmetry

Feedback from your negotiation partners highlighting your personal strengths and development areas for real-life scenarios 

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