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Your chance to engage live with a leading expert in analytics, Hong Qu, and a cohort of driven industry professionals

4 x 2 hr sessions

4pm PST; March 21, 23, 28 and 30

Price: $600 (expense through L&D)

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This course is designed for

Product Managers

Product managers will learn how to conceptualize, design, and build KPI dashboards that maximize business results:

Key Learning Objectives:

How to model, structure and import data for use in visualization software

How to design and deploy dashboards that capture KPI performance for your business

How to isolate user trends and form actionable insights

How to communicate these insights to guide business strategy

Meet your

Instructor Hong Qu

Hong Qu led the analytics team at YouTube during its first 2 years. During this time Hong established a user-centered product development process that successfully productized emergent social interactions and ultimately led to YouTube’s exponential growth.

When Google acquired YouTube, Hong worked on international expansion to grow its creator base and market share around the world. After Google, Hong served as the CTO of Fusion, a joint venture between Disney and Univision, spearheading digital transformation by rolling out analytics and streaming infrastructure for the digital video news network.

Hong Qu is currently an adjunct lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School where his classes on Data Visualization are very popular and always oversubscribed.  He is also an affiliate fellow at Stanford's Institute for Human-Centered AI.

About Hong’s

Live Cohort

We are drowning in data and information overload. To distill data into actionable insights and dashboards, we need to build and automate a pipeline that streams raw data into self-service dashboards and real-time notifications. Become a leader who communicates fluently with data.  You can't manage well unless you can zoom, filter and get detailed analytics on demand.  This course shows you how to develop the data reporting and visualization infrastructure.

Through lectures and hands-on exercise, you will learn the design principles  and communication strategies for making sense of data.  You will learn software such as Tableau and Datawrapper to create charts, maps, and dashboards. These frameworks and principals will allow you to confident answer the following key questions:

Which metrics matter and how do we communicate their relationships visually?

How to design an effective business performance dashboard?

How to develop a data pipeline for real-time analytics reports?

How to transform raw data into actionable insights?

Session 1 - Modeling, structuring and importing data

Many products have a large range of features, states and user personas. In this session we learn and apply frameworks that will allow you to answer the following questions:

How to structure your product analytics data

How to collect your product analytics data

How to ingest your raw data into databases and visualization software

To cement these learnings we will consider the case study of YouTube.

Session 2 - Optimizing charts and graphs for instant insights

In this session we will discuss and apply chart building frameworks that allow you to:

Isolate different user personas

Identify patterns, trends, and outliers

Declutter and capture viewers’ attention by highlighting salient messages

Session 3 - Effective dashboard design

In this session we will master dashboard building frameworks that allow you to:

Isolate, validate, and monitor the value of features for different user personas

Identify product gaps and opportunities

Set up real time notifications and alerts

Connect machine learning models that enable elevated foresight and planning

You will have the opportunity to bring your real world data to class and explore it’s implementation details or difficulties.

Session 4 - Leading with data

The most successful product managers in the world lead and communicate using data. In this session you will learn how to:

Uncover what stakeholders need to make informed decisions

Deploy data visualizations to explain, and persuade, and guide business strategy

We will apply these learnings live to a real world scenario/setting of your choice.

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Do I have to attend all of the sessions live in real-time?

You don’t! We record every live session in the cohort and make each recording and the session slides available on our portal for you to access anytime.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Each learner receives a certificate of completion, which is sent to you upon completion of the cohort (along with access to our Alumni portal!). Additionally, ScholarSite is listed as a school on LinkedIn so you can display your certificate in the Education section of your profile.!

Is there homework?

Throughout the cohort, there may be take-home questions that pertain to subsequent sessions. These are optional, but allow you to engage more with the instructor and other cohort members!

Can I get the course fee reimbursed by my company?

While we cannot guarantee that your company will cover the cost of the cohort, we are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office, meaning many of our learners are able to expense the course via their company or team’s L&D budget. We even provide an email template you can use to request approval.

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