About Us

We are a team of dedicated technology professionals looking to change the way the world accesses academic content

Our Mission

Democratize access to research-based, educational content

We want to allow academics to broadcast their content millions of people around the world and develop an audience and brand around their work. In doing so, we democratize access to the best academic minds and insights and develop a new model of continued learning.

Nick Rudder
Co-Founder & CEO

Adrian Sarstedt
Co-Founder & CTO

Meet the founders

We are two Australians, based in San Francisco, leading a world-class team who are looking to democratise access to academic content.

We've both worked extensively with academics throughout our careers - Nick, through his experience in the Australian / US EdTech ecosystem and Adrian, through his roles in Artificial Intelligence research at institutions like The Florey Institue and the University of Melbourne.
One of the most pressing issues that became clear to us was that the current solutions academics use to showcase and disseminate their work are broken.
We strongly believe that if we can provide software and tools that empower academics to make their content more digestible and accessible, we can have a fundamental impact on how people educate themselves.
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